Monday, October 10, 2011

On my mind

This is my 100th post, how interesting. Just thought I would jot a few thoughts down for the evening.

- Being a new military wife has been an experience. I think I've grown a lot in the last few weeks. (More to come on this later this week?)

- I LOVE fall. I love the colors, the pumpkin awesomeness, the friends, the weather, everything

- My poor baby gets declawed on Tuesday :( Poor Harriet!!

- I think we need to become more sensitive to people around us. I know I'm a little (a lot??) tactless at times but I'm going to try and work on this. There are more hurting people than we notice.

- I feel like the American culture has desensitized us to... well... everything. I need to work on my eternal perspective. :)

- God is so good.

- When I'm really tired and my vocabulary fails me I start using noises to describe objects

- I'm ready to put on my cooking shoes again and get back in the kitchen after an extended break. Up for today: flaxseed and hemp protein pancakes! I'll keep you updated