Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend pick me up

 Coffee is my fail-proof beginning/mid/end of week pick me ups. I went on a bit of an iced coffee kick a few months ago and have finally perfected my recipe. It's delicious, and super easy. Sure to brighten any day. Even my husband (a life long coffee lover) frequently asks for MY iced coffee over going to Starbucks :) (he may be a little biased)

So here is my wonderful, tasty, easy, and fairly low calorie iced coffee recipe:

These are our favorite ingredients. This almond milk is 
very tasty and the french roast instant coffee is dark and flavorful
12 oz cup
2-3 teaspoons of instant coffee (or two packets if using single serve)
2ish teaspoons of white sugar
1/8 cup of warm-hot water
Mix until dissolved
Fill cup with desired amount of ice
Fill cup 3/4 full of vanilla almond milk
Top off cup with water (you don't have to do this, you could fill it all the way with almond milk but I think it gets too thick that way.)
Optional: coffee creamer of your choice! (we like to put just a little splash of vanilla coffee creamer in ours)
Mix, enjoy, de-stress, and look super hip on the way to your local library!

**Note** Yesterday I posted this blog from my blogger app on our ipad. I was NOT impressed. I wasn't able to move the pictures where I wanted them to go. Other than the picture part it wasn't terrible. So I deleted it and rewrote this morning. I think I would use it if I wasn't posting pictures, but personally I think pictures are the most fun parts of blogs :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excess and moving

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is being a 'minimalist'. I don't want to label it or be legalistic about it. There have been some book suggestions from friends that I'm planning on checking out.

This is something Levi and I have been talking about ever since we packed up our house back in August. We had only been married 13 months and we realized we had waaayyy too much stuff. It probably wouldn't have mattered so much if we weren't moving. But we are moving. And we will likely be moving again in 3 years. And maybe again 3-4 years after that. And maybe 3-4 years after that. You get the idea. Military life. Military life and having a lot of stuff do not go well together. Unless you really don't mind packing and unpacking.

After packing up our entire house in August (and taking numerous bags to good will) we decided the less we have the happier we will be. And we plan on sticking to that plan as well as we can.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Microwave update and others

Back to the microwave! That week I kept track of my microwave use. I used it 8 times in total. 4 times to cook frozen veggies. Twice to reheat my coffee and twice to melt butter. I could have used the stove to melt the butter and cook veggies. The coffee I suppose I could have thrown out and made fresh but that seems plain wasteful. All in all I think we use the microwave pretty minimally. I'm not sure if we will have a microwave when we move. I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other.

This weekend we went to Oklahoma City. We spent the morning and most the afternoon at the zoo, ended up getting awesome tea at this odd Asian place, at Chipotle, and saw the Hunger Games! It was a relaxing weekend, which was just what we needed.

I got out the bike last Friday. I'm not sure why I haven't been using it more. Probably because we've been running. We took a week off running and never really got back on track. We've been keeping up with going to the gym but running has decreased to once or twice a week. So I got the bike out Friday and did a fun 20 miles. It felt good to spin my legs for a bit. I did another 15 miles today (sore butt!). I'm looking forward to biking more and hopefully alternating it with running (and continuing to go to the gym). It's starting to feel like summer here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7th grade

There are people in your life you will never forget. Acts of kindness that make an impact for life. High school was not easy for me (not academically speaking). The first hour of the first day of seventh grade I awkwardly showed up to class 15 min early. There were only a handful of people in the classroom. I remember being so nervous. I was the kid in a plain t-shirt, no make up, baggy pants, unpopular and unknown. Our high school was a blend of 3 smaller elementary schools. Mine being the smallest with only 12 kids joining the 125 total kids in our future graduating class. I only knew one kid from my elementary in the class and I knew I didn't want to sit next to him. In the back there was a girl with short brown hair, camo shorts, reading a book. I remember asking her if I could sit next to her and her saying yeah. I don't think I sat next to her for more than 20 minutes before we had a new seating chart but I will always remember how relieved I felt went I sat down next to her. I had made my first friend.