Thursday, August 30, 2012

Healthy snacking

Once we moved into our house Levi asked that we always have fresh fruit / veggies available for snacking. This seems like it should be pretty simple. We like to eat healthy and love fruit (and most veggies). But, for some reason, it has been a chore.  It really isn't that hard to wash berries and leave them in a bowl in the fridge, or peel and slice a cucumber. But I just can't remember to do it until it's asked for. I'm not sure if I need to set a reminder to do it or just keep working on making it a habit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm feeling a little swamped by classes already and it's only week 2. There's just a lot of day to day things that have to be done that distract from the bigger projects that are due (and should be started on now) later in the semester. But I'm hoping this tech writing class I'm taking will improve my paper writing so that I can do well on my big research papers!

Also, I really don't like the time difference between here and home. I always want to text people but they're asleep and I don't want to wake them up. Oh well.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So my husband decided today that he wanted to have a twitter account. I had signed up for one forever ago so I was like well maybe I should give it a shot too. So we're both playing around with twitter and this super creepy girl starts following him. Totally raunchy vulgar tweets. Seriously, how do these people think that it's okay?? It blows my mind that some people have no boundaries. He blocked her etc but really people, is that necessary??

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The past week has been hot here. And it's supposed to stay hot until later in the week. Its been in the high 80s to high 90s every day. That temp doesn't sound terrible but there's no air conditioning here. Anywhere. So there's no escape from the heat. Luckily our house stays fairly cool. But riding in the car is the worst. No air conditioning and the window shield just makes the sun feel that much hotter. Really nasty. Sunday was in the high 90s, it might have even been over 100. We opted to hit a local indoor pool for the afternoon with some new friends. That was the best idea ever. The water was a little on the warm side but it still felt way better than being outside.

At the beginning of this nasty hot streak I had been doing some basic maintenance to my bikes. Cleaning chains and gears, tightening odds and ends, staring at my breaks wondering how I repair those (it can't be that hard, right?), etc... But it's been too hot for this girl to go out and bike. Hopefully when it cools down this weekend I'll go. I'm hoping we're getting into fall now and the weather will continue to cool down but someone said it can get pretty hot here in August and September.

I started up school again yesterday. I think this semester will be a little crazy with 3 classes but they look really interesting.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Topic-less Thursday

Second day in a row posting, pretty impressive for me.

I really want to get to go camping or backpacking before it starts getting chilly here. So I've been working on doing some research which feels more challenging than I think it should be. So I've switched from on-line research to book research and made a little more headway. Over Labor Day weekend we're hoping to make a trip somewhere but we're not sure where yet. Munich and Brussels are at the top of our list so far. But part of me just wants to go camping and hiking. Makes me wish we were back in the states a little. Just punch into the internet where you want to go and a million state and national parks pop up and you pick one and just go.

Anyway. I took both my bikes out for a short ride yesterday. They need some work before I can actually ride them but I stopped by Outdoor Rec on base and picked up what I needed (hopefully I can locate my bike tools at home this weekend). Outdoor Rec is a very small outdoor store on base. I think they mostly do rentals. But it's nice to know where to go if we need something. They also have a nice climbing area which I think I'll take advantage of. The climbing intro class is 25$ and they have women's climbing group every Tuesday night for 5$. Maybe I'll make some fun outdoorsy friends.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Here we go again. Not making any promises with this blogging ordeal. Just thought I'd write a little about what's been up in Germany.

Our household goods were shipped June 4th from Minnesota and showed up at our new home on August 13th! It's so nice to have all our home stuff. I had waffles for breakfast this morning just because I could! We really don't like our German washing machine. It doesn't get clothes clean and its super small. I can barely fit one of Levi's uniforms in the washing machine. But as much as we don't like our washing machine, we are loving our German dishwasher! Gets everything perfectly clean and no water spots to speak of. Totally impressed.

Today is garbage day, which is what I actually wanted to write about. I should have taken pictures but I'm already writing and don't want to run down to the street. So, Germans are big on recycling. Imagine your 'American' garbage can (the black or green plastic thing you set out by the curb on garbage days) and cut it down in size by about 40%. That's the size of our garbage can. No big deal, right? Well, garbage is only picked up every other week. So that small garbage can of ours has to hold 2 weeks of garbage in it. Which is where recycling comes in. The other weeks are recycling weeks where you take your recyclables (mostly paper and plastics) out and the recycling man picks them up. So if you don't recycle you'll be hurting a little for garbage space because your garbage can lid is 'supposed' to shut all the way. We have become very good at making sure recyclables get washed out and put in recycling!

I'll try and post a few pictures soon! Looking for my camera cord.... It should be in one of these boxes.