Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happiness :)

33 days

And the count down is official. So far this weekend I have gotten fitted for my dress, I'm going to pick out jewelry, I picked apart (fake) flowers for the cute flower girl to drop the petals (they have to be fake), I realized I really really NEED to lose 10 pounds, I wrote most my shower thank yous, I started thinking about table decorations, I marked a few things off the list. I don't quite feel accomplished but maybe after this afternoon I'll feel better. The list looks a little less overwhelming. The cost of all the little things that need to be taken care of is crazy. I didn't know it could add up so fast!! This last month is going to be a whole lot of running around (literally and figuratively).

Everything is getting very exciting though! Trying on my dress was a blast and it's absolutely perfect :) I LOVE it. I'm excited about having a lady I know make my jewelry (and the bridesmaids!). It makes it more personal.

Moving things around Levi's house to make it more of my own is fun too. There are pictures to be put up, rugs to be laid down, painting to do, closets to clean, shelves to build and instal. Fun fun fun.

Levi has been great for the most part :) he's usually pretty helpful and willing to offer insight, advise, and opinions. I appreciate that about him.

Although this whole engagement things has been fun and exciting I'm glad this whole ordeal will be over in just over a month. Planning a wedding is stressful! As my friend ML says, it (the wedding) takes on a life of its own and it's like a train out of control. And it has. A trip to St. Cloud with mom should finish up most the undone things. Hopefully in the next week or so. And then I/we will be set. Hooray!

Friday, May 28, 2010

30 some days

The wedding is in less than 40 days. I am slightly panicked to say the least, although I may seem to hold it together pretty well I am freaking out. This is what I have/want/should do in the next 2-3 weeks:

Meet or talk with the DJ
Meet with Susan at Lakeside
Meet with the wedding coordinator at the church
Figure out the accessories for the flower girl
Get together with Cathy from church to do jewelry (YAY!)
Make a dentist app (and go to it)
Make sure all the bases are covered for the bridesmaids
I have 2 showers to attend (WOOT!)
I have a shower to plan
Have my dress altered a little
Get shoes for myself
A 5k
TABLE DECORATIONS (AHHHH!!) ((trip to st cloud))
Lots of thank yous :)

and sooo much more (I know I have more to do because only ONE of my lists is sitting next to me and I have 3 other lists in my backpack)....

I have my weekend booked full, and every weekend for the next 6 weeks! PANIC!
I'll keep you updated on how things are going :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


This morning in class there was a presentation on chocolate. I have never thought much about this tasty treat but this really shocked me and made me think.

This is David West, CEO of Hershey.

This is how he makes his profit.

Try to enjoy your Hershey bar now... Can't.
Knowing that children in slavery (literally they are children and they are actual slaves) are harvesting my cocoa beans in Africa so that I can have a few s'mores on Friday nights is not appealing to me.

Buying Fair Trade chocolate IS important. I didn't see just how important is was until this morning. Supporting Fair Trade products is always important. Coffee is the easiest product to find that is labeled Fair Trade. Just look for one of these signs
These labels are signs that the food you are eating have been grown and produced in a fair manner. Child labor laws were followed and workers were paid a fair price for their produce and treated fairly.

When buying Fair Trade chocolate your producer looks more like this
 than this

Treating people fairly is important. Were people abused for your candy bar? Know your food.

Yay weekend outings :)