Friday, January 28, 2011

The library

I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the library. I am a huge fan of books. I love holding information in my hand and spending alone time reading. Recently I re-discovered the library. When I was younger my mom took my brother and I to the library every week, sometimes twice a week. Somedays we went dragging our feet but we always had a good time and could easily blow and hour or two digging through books. In high school it started getting harder to find time to make it to the library and read for fun and in college my time has been even more scarce. Over winter break I dusted my library card off and started looking up books again. In no time at all I had books stacked up on the kitchen table, paging through guides on being a better cook, learning to do this, how to fix that, and the occasional guide to (insert fun place here). It's wonderful. Even if you don't love the whole book you can usually pull some idea or inspiration from some part of it. Maybe how to beef up your chili or sew those blinds you've been meaning to put up. There are books on every interest and hobby, there are murder mysteries and good old westerns, children's books and books in large print. You want it, they've got it (or can order it from somewhere). I encourage you to pull your library card out of your wallet and go use it!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The perfect mug

It was early in the morning. Vacation had been going well. Lots of hiking and even more laughing. The food was so-so but we weren't complaining too much. At the end of the day food was food. Burned out by miles of trail and the heat we were just happy there was something. We were headed to grab some food for the days hike this particular morning, the sun had just begun peeking above the vast glassy Lake Superior. And there it was, sitting on the dashboard of a beat up, bumper-stickered, mountain bike carrying Subaru. The worlds most perfect mug. I was instantly in love. I had to see it up close. The shape looked like it perfectly fit into your hand while still giving you a good amount of coffee. The glazes on it were peaceful and beautiful. I wanted to hold it in my hand, to drink out of it's perfect form. The sun was now shining through the windshield of the vehicle, showering glorious rays down on this beautiful vessel.

From that moment on I knew I had to take ceramics class. I had to be able to form that clay in my hand, to make the clay into something almost as perfect as that mug.

And that is precisely what I am doing.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This week is dragging on forever. But we made it to 'hump-day'. My sr. sem. went well!! I'm just glad it's finished. The rest of the semester should go easy and be fun. Ceramics is AmAzing! There has only been 3 classes but I've been enjoying it! We started working on pinch pots last week and this week we get to work on coil pots and slab boxes. Pretty darn exciting! I started working on a bowl for oatmeal last week. It can be a little frustrating but I'm getting the hang of it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress and waiting

There has been progress in our house this week. I'm almost done with my senior seminar (tomorrow at 5), Levi continues to lose weight (so proud of him!), my last semester of college has begun and I think I'm going to enjoy it, and the real estate lady came to our house last night!!

I thought the visit with Mrs. Real Estate was slightly discouraging. We have so much to do before it is in sellable condition. But she said that recently a person had a lot to do on their house and the buyers said they would do it instead. So we'll see. I guess if we're supposed to move it'll sell. If it doesn't sell we're still moving so whatever happens, happens.

We have some items packed up but it's not overwhelming. Just a books and odds and ends. It gets hard to wait sometimes. It just seems like so much has to be done but we have to wait and wait and wait to do it.

On a side note: Classes look great this semester! I have ceramics this afternoon and will report back tomorrow how it is and how my senior seminar went!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just thought I would sit down and write for a bit. My head is jam packed with forest fire data, carbon solutions, and fire problems. I thought maybe writing would clear my head a bit.

Tomorrow I turn 21. That's right, 21. I guess I'm pretty excited. Some friends are meeting us at the local wine bar that I've been looking forward to getting to go to for a while. I think I'll probably order a wine. I'm a bit more of a beer person (not that I drink much at all) but you never see a girl turing 21 and ordering beer... At least I don't feel like that happens often. I really would like to order a martini but I probably don't need THAT much alcohol. So maybe another day. I think martinis look classy and sexy.

Next weekend after my senior seminar is finished (45 min presentation in front of students and faculty) my husband and sister-in-law and I are planning to go down to the cities for the evening or weekend. I want to take a tour of the Surly brewery in the cities. I think brewing beer looks like fun. It's edible art that you can't rush. It takes time to perfect. Which means I would probably be a terrible brewer-ist. I'm not very patient. I like things to be fast-paced so I can stay entertained.

Well, now I need to get back to saving the forests and our world.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello 2011! I just wanted to share a brief list of things I was excited for this year.

*Levi (possibly) joining the Air Force (happy and sad...)
*Moving to a new place
*Picking out my very own dinning room table (very excited, you have no idea)
*Learning new things that I find interesting (canning, sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, etc...)
*Meeting new people
*Figuring out what I should do with my life
*Having time to read for fun (wow!)
*Reading through the Bible

There are other things I'm excited for as well. 2011 is going to be an exciting, possibly (very) challenging, year. I'm hoping for good changes that help us grow as a couple and with God.

It'll be an exciting adventure!