Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, A day of rest

I have forgotten what it is like to not have anything on your agenda. It is nice. It's so nice I'm considering throwing away my agenda book, if I had one that is. I have no where I need to be, no dead lines, no homework or studying to do. It is N-I-C-E. Maybe I won't have a schedule anymore. Live by the seat of my pants, play every day by ear. Now we're talking.

My favorite childhood cat is sitting on the couch with me, she is getting very old. She is a pretty siamese with an attitude problem. She is the queen and you better know it. She even has her specific chair in the house and if you are siting on it, like it or not, she will be in your lap till you move off HER chair. She is quite intelligent and loves attention, but doesn't like to be touched. She is at the ripe old age of 13 I believe. She has permanently moved into the house. Dad cleans the litter box daily and is getting tired of it. So the other day I called him to chat. He asked me if it was time to shoot the cat. EXCUSE me?? You cannot shoot the cat JUST because you don't want to clean her litter pan!! What kind of pet owner ARE you?? (the kind that believe in the saying 'if it costs more than a bullet you know what to do,' we don't believe in taking our farm pets to the vet, pets come and they go). BUT shooting my beloved cat was a little drastic! So here I am protecting my cat from my father. I think she'll be safe till spring when she can move outside again. Maybe she'll work off those pounds she's gained while living in the house this winter.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life update :)

Well. What a crazy last two weeks. Between getting engaged, visiting with friends who are home, and celebrating two Christmases; a nice rest is long overdue.

Yes, I am engaged. It’s been quite the adventure. Levi and I sure have had our ups and downs but it’s amazing to see how God has been working in both our lives in the past two months. It has all been very exciting and I’m looking forward to getting married and being married to Levi. Engagement has been quite a change, a change in thinking, in spending, in praying, in priorities. I truly believe God has a lot in store for us and our relationship. But I really need to get planning. July is coming fast! We had our engagement pictures taken last week and they turned out great.

Christmas this year was quite a change. Levi and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with his family then went over to Christmas day with my family. Having Christmas for the first time with someone else’s family is nerve racking. It’s not your own space and it’s hard to make yourself comfortable, and people take bets on how long it will be before you have kids. What? Kids? Noooo thank you. Clare family Christmas was very strange this year. I think there is a lot of transition taking place for us with Andy and I both ‘leaving home.’ Mom was a little too busy this fall and winter I think. We’ll blame it on Andy’s wrestling J but it was good all the same. Maybe next year things will be more together and less busy.

Christmas gift of the year was probably the crock-pot from sister-in-law-to-be, along with a nice cookbook! Otherwise it would be the espresso maker from mother and father. Both very nice gifts! And I now have my very own Harvin jersey to wear to the Vikings games!

As always, it’s important to not forget what this season is about. It seems so easy to get caught up in shopping, wrapping, getting, gifting, and opening. It’s important not to lose sight of Jesus and God in the Holiday cheer.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I have a few minutes to rest. There is something so peaceful sitting in the basement of the library next to the large windows that look toward the science building. Being able to spread your belongings all over the table. Computer, winter jacket, backpack, scarf, phone, pens, notebooks, text books, can of almonds. Listening to Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen, and Howie Day.

Watching the snow fall. Watching people hurry from class to class, from science building to home, from study group to lunch, from wherever they were to wherever they are going. Most are bundled up to the max. Some are risking their fingers to text a friend, and some friends walk to class together. David just went by on his road bike, Logan is walking home in his green trench coat, Clifford is wearing a red vest today.

It's kinda chilly next to the big windows, but I don't think I'll move. It's comfortable. It's quiet. Soon I have to go give a presentation on the effects of forest fire on forest ecosystems and a forest's ability to sequester carbon. But I'll enjoy this for a few more minutes.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Study! for the end is near.


That lovely time of year when you sit in the library all day long to cram 14 weeks of information into ten days. Here we go! I have 3 accumulative finals and one final test. But before I get to finals I have three other tests to pass and two presentations to give. Don't professors understand?? How do you fit 7 (SEVEN!) tests and two presentations into ten days!?
It will be ok. Right?

On Sunday I ended up getting the flu. I left church halfway through the service and was so weak I passed out next to my car. Which lead to me smashing my head into the pavement, which lead to blood. My head has finally healed up pretty well. I feel better too. I went into the Dr. on tuesday. He asked me my story four or five times. I kept telling him that I passed out walking to my car after church. He was convinced I had been beaten (I could see it in his skeptical, beady eyes). By the end of the appointment I was ready to say 'Yes, in fact, God smite me down in the parking lot while leaving church. God Himself did this to me!' But I didn't think he would understand. Although I thought it was quite humorous.

Needless to say it has been quite a week. Bring on next week and the week of finals, I'm ready! Or something...