Wednesday, June 9, 2010

24 days

We have table decorations! Jewelry is done and ready for purchase! I still need to order shoes. I think now the fun begins. I feel like I can relax a little more and enjoy the last three weeks before the 'big day.' Levi and I cleaned out my apartment last weekend and then I kinda moved back to Villard (I'm not officially out of my apartment till July but it's just too empty now). Not many things are left on the list but I hope they all get done this weekend!

Our Acts class started last night at LCC and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. The people seem nice and the content is very interesting. I'm already looking forward to doing my homework for the week :)

The new iPhone came out on Monday and OOOHHHHH man, I'm already itching to get one :) I think I'll have to talk to AT&T tomorrow to see what can be done about my 2003 krazr (haha)

I went home last night and Rocky our cute Aussie was shaved. I always like the first few days of his summer due. He seems confident and and skinny (what I picture myself as sometimes haha). His big white paws look large and powerful and he seems more energetic. I love listening to my dad say he has to sleep in the house at night because he might freeze, or to keep him in the garage during the first few days because he might get sun burnt (and he actually does). But all in all he looks good, except for his ears which look very much out of place (in a cute way).


  1. glad you liked the class! looking forward to seeing you tonight :)

  2. oh my that's sooooo soon!! :) i'm sad i missed the first class, but i'm excited for this week!

  3. Thanks guys :) lets all get together and hang out this week. Make it a good week.