Monday, July 19, 2010


Monday monday monday.

You cannot control anyones' actions, you can only control how you handle yourself. That's what I was told today while discussing issues with a co-worker. I've been really struggling with this concept lately. All the bloody details don't need to be laid out or anything but I've been struggling with not 'micro-managing' someone (it's not Levi so I guess it's pretty easy to guess) in my life....

I've made my fair share of mistakes in the 20 years I have been alive and I tend to get 'preachy.' I start pointing out all the things that this person is doing wrong and how things should be different in their life and how they should change... Except, I have enough things in my life that need to be changed. I don't need to micro-manage him when I should be watching myself more closely and evaluating my mistakes and how to fix them. 

Everyone has to learn for themselves I guess and often I jump to judgment without really thinking if it's my place to even be judging (judge least you be judged... oh). Sometimes I need to shut my mouth, say the apologizes, ask for forgiveness, and try to make amends. I need to be less critical and stop micro-managing. 


  1. even can still provide godly, wise advice and pray lots and trust god will work out all things out for good. hard though, sometimes i wish i didn't have to learn things out for myself and that i could have been micro-managed looking back...
    love you and praying alongside you for a good outcome!

  2. it's hard, especially when you love someone. prayers. love you.