Tuesday, April 12, 2011

32 days

32 days till graduation! The countdown is on!!

This afternoon I took Anny for a walk. She is being such a pill today. While we were walking I found a new trail that goes off into a wetlands management area. It's always fun to go out on a walk and discover something that was so close and fun that you didn't know about. It's a perfect trail for us and just follows the railroad through the prairie.

Oddly, the prairie has really grown on me in the last 4 years. I didn't live far from the prairie before but since I moved to Morris and have taken a few plant classes I view the prairie completely differently. The grasses are beautiful and there are a nice variety of wild flowers. Not that there is much original prairie left (cough cough farmers...) but I really appreciate what is still there.

Have a good week!

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