Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

The KC travels are quite…… interesting. M has been insisting on taking a Christmas picture of And and myself. D was happy to go for a walk in the park. Some of the mornings dialog includes:

“How about one by the water?” M

“Mom, that’s the cities back up sewage system.” And

“Mom, quit taking pictures.” And

“Mom, I need NEED to take a picture of the albino duck.” And

“Mom, nobody wants to see a picture of us anyway.” And

“I hope I didn’t inherit any of your genes…” And

“I hope God blessed you with double of all my genes!” M

“Take a picture with the rock!” D

“You guys are pathetic.” M

So here I am on Thanksgiving Day sitting and blogging (heathen) in the middle of KC (heathen) without my family (heathen) at Starbucks (heathen!). I’m right on the plaza. The ritzy place where good-looking husbands in their Armani sweaters take there stunning, long legged wives out to fancy wine bars on Friday nights. I am a classy heathen.

There are numerous stores and restaurants all around me. Out side smells of barbeque and there are a bunch of men setting up a stage and lights for the annual lighting of the plaza tonight (lots and lots of Christmas lights). Christmas galore. Christmas galore that will start at about 11 tonight and not stop until December 26th. Sometimes I wonder if Thanksgiving shouldn’t be AFTER Christmas so we can be thankful for everything we received. These days we not only seem to overlook Thanksgiving (Halloween, football, food, black Friday, Christmas….what do you mean Thanksgiving, what IS that??) but also overlook being thankful in general. I have so much to be thankful for. My family, my friends, a hot cup of coffee, people who genuinely care about me, Twyla, literacy, an education, electricity, heat, running water!, my computer, soy milk, my health, many many blessings, and oh I could go on…. Most importantly I am thankful for the cross. I am thankful my life has purpose. I am thankful for love. I am thankful I have not been abandon to my life of sin.

A heart of thankfulness is the perfect place for joy to flourish.

I must now reunite with the fam…. A feast tonight! With lots and lots of fun people. I had the pleasure of meeting the newest baby cousin (she’s 9 months old?) today and she is adorable!, so much fun to have little ones around.

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