Friday, October 22, 2010

The debate for friday

Now don't laugh. but. we're back at the drawing board of my life.... I KNOW that it's like beating a dead horse but I can't NOT think about my future. So what should I BE when I grow up? This week I've been thinking and thinking and thinking. I WILL come up with an answer. Someday.

Lets face it, I wouldn't be content to sit in a lab day in and day out doing projects that I didn't think were making a difference in the world. I want to feel like what I do is helping people, not just theoretically helping them but actually making their lives better. So what should I do? At this point I'm thinking that anything I decide to do will involve more schooling.

But when I start thinking of pursuing more school I'm worried that it's not bettering the Kingdom, just my own satisfaction. I'm worried that I'm wasting my time here on Earth with things that don't matter (well people and the environment matter but not as much as eternal life...) like more schooling and making money and making a difference. I feel stuck.

I don't want to waste my life.


  1. ohhhhh, but think of this....even though more school may appear as just more the very same time it opens up so many doors if you let it! you have an opportunity to jump into life at whatever school you go to, do life with the people there, "campus" ministry, reach out, etc. schools are a fabulous way for outreach and discipleship in a way that naturally brings connections. just a thought :)

  2. you are the last person i would ever think of wasting their life - when i think of you, i think of passion and drive and a servanthood. I have great faith God is going to use you in a big way (not just saying that). I really do think he wouldn't give your heart such a big desire to make a difference if he wasn't going to equip you. Love you!