Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm taking a vote

Where should we move when I graduate?

post your vote


  1. um. you should at least give us options...
    colorado maybe? montana? they have lots of things to do. and then i could come visit you and it's be so much fun!

  2. i really like washington.
    but i also like colorado.
    not so sure about montana. but i've never been there.
    oregon would be nice too.
    so basically. west. that is my vote!

  3. I go with washington or oregon. both are gorgeous and have mountains to hike. and are beautiful. and we would all road trip to visit you. :)

  4. thanks guys! I think we would like to end up in oregon/washington/montana/colorado but I just dont know... I dont think we can really make a decision untill I get a job or something but I'm getting sooooo antsy!