Monday, December 13, 2010

cold and cute

On days like today it's hard to mistake me for anything other than the outdoors girl that I am. Today I pulled into the school parking lot and in my mind played one of those slow moving commercials where the babe gets out of the sports car and you see her stylish heals step out as the door opens, her long dress flows out on to the red carpet, and as she steps out she looks at the camera with her long hair blowing in the wind... That's how I feel, but not quite how I look. It's a little more like: I pulled up to school in the Jeep Patriot, my Keen winter boots (love!) step out on to the snow covered pavement, I grab my Patagonia green backpack from the back seat, my braids pulled tight to my head and covered with a cute stripped hat. I walk to the science building, ski gloves wrapped tight around my REI mug.

And I feel like the cutest snow bunny ever.

Thank you Minnesota for your cold winters so I can feel cute on days like today :)