Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm bad at making up titles

I've been studying since 930. I'm not sure how long that is. My brain is going mushy, my emotions are getting the best of me, I can't fit any more in my head. I just want....

my bed
a crochet project
a movie
a white chocolate mocha
to bang my head on this desk
my mom
a book
a comfy chair
dinner made for me
a job
a puppy
a vacation
a bike ride with a friend
a new cute dress

I made unrealistic lists when I get this way. When my brain can't function properly anymore. When words are running together and I can't define a transposon, a pseudogene, a splicing cascade any longer. My eyes don't focus quite right anymore, my hand has more cramps then a menstruating woman, my heart is heavy with the words of molecular biology.

But I will press on, for that is all that can be done.

1 comment:

  1. bike ride!! pick me pick me! wish you didn't have to study....