Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 questions from B'ahava

Today I'm following B'ahava and sharing a little about me and maybe learn a little about you! Here are her 10 questions of the morning:
1. what books are you reading?
2. what movies/tv shows are you watching?
3. what’s your favorite color combination today?
4. what’s the first word that you see in the room around you?
5. what’s on your song playlist lately?
6. pottery, painting, or drawing?
7. walking on the beach or laying on the beach?
8. ruth, esther, or mary?
9. matthew, mark, luke or john?
10. get up early or stay up late?
1. I am currently reading Uranium by Tom Zoellner and Plan B by Pete Wilson. Uranium is a fascinating non-faction book. I'm glad I picked it up!
2. The husb and I have really been enjoying watching an episode of 24 every night or so for the last 4 or 5 months. We love action/adventure.
3. Fav. color combo! Today: green and brown, I'm a sucker for earthy colors.
4. Sadly, there aren't many words. So I guess I'll go with Uranium. 
5. Song playlist lately... Mostly Dave Matthews, a little bit of bluegrass, and a few odds and ends. In the car I listen to MPR.
6. Pottery and painting! I love doing both! I just took a ceramics class last semester and had a blast. I also like watercolor, challenging and beautiful. 
7. Walking on the beach, I tend to get antsy after 10 minutes of laying on the beach. :)
8. Ruth for sure. 
9. John.
10. Getting up early! The morning is so peaceful. (On not hot/humid mornings) I love eating my breakfast outside and listening to the birds chatter.
What are your 10??

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  1. aw you're 10 make me happy. i do love painting too. i have a BIG canvas i still need to do something with sometime. i saw plan b at the library yesterday and almost picked it up again....was thinking it might look different this time around. i was actually thinking of wearing green with my brown skirt but it didn't work. =)