Monday, August 8, 2011

Moving galore!

What a rollercoaster of the last two weeks! A brief fill-in is in order! We are moving out of our house! My parents have so kindly loans us their cabin for the next three weeks to bunk out there. Meaning! ALL our belongings are packed and in storage at Levi’s parents house! How odd. It all seems real now, that Levi is really leaving, that we’re outta here in a matter of months. Woot! (And also very sad but tonight is a woot night!) Now praying harder than ever the house will sell!
I got moved at my job from days to nights back to days! I’ll start back on days sometime later this month but thank the Lord the end is coming quickly to working nights. My body, mind, and emotions were fraying quickly, even within this short week and a half.
A friend and I are going to start doing the 4-hour body next week or the week after. Kind of excited/kind of nervous. All you get to eat is protein, beans, and veggies. Eeesh. Should be good for some diet changes though!
I’ve made a fun list of goals to shoot for while Levi is down in Texas. I’m really excited for all of them but here are just a few: Work on my life plan, bike 300 miles between Sept 6 and Nov 6, sew more fun things, go to pilates/yoga as often as possible, cook new fun foods, and try to see as many friends as possible (without over packing my schedule) ((Mel, Kinsey, Jess, and Katie be expecting visits! Yay!)).
Enjoy your beautiful summer day! 

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  1. WAAAHOO!!!! (in reference to the visit!) :D I can always use more Ally time.