Thursday, August 16, 2012

Topic-less Thursday

Second day in a row posting, pretty impressive for me.

I really want to get to go camping or backpacking before it starts getting chilly here. So I've been working on doing some research which feels more challenging than I think it should be. So I've switched from on-line research to book research and made a little more headway. Over Labor Day weekend we're hoping to make a trip somewhere but we're not sure where yet. Munich and Brussels are at the top of our list so far. But part of me just wants to go camping and hiking. Makes me wish we were back in the states a little. Just punch into the internet where you want to go and a million state and national parks pop up and you pick one and just go.

Anyway. I took both my bikes out for a short ride yesterday. They need some work before I can actually ride them but I stopped by Outdoor Rec on base and picked up what I needed (hopefully I can locate my bike tools at home this weekend). Outdoor Rec is a very small outdoor store on base. I think they mostly do rentals. But it's nice to know where to go if we need something. They also have a nice climbing area which I think I'll take advantage of. The climbing intro class is 25$ and they have women's climbing group every Tuesday night for 5$. Maybe I'll make some fun outdoorsy friends.

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