Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Here we go again. Not making any promises with this blogging ordeal. Just thought I'd write a little about what's been up in Germany.

Our household goods were shipped June 4th from Minnesota and showed up at our new home on August 13th! It's so nice to have all our home stuff. I had waffles for breakfast this morning just because I could! We really don't like our German washing machine. It doesn't get clothes clean and its super small. I can barely fit one of Levi's uniforms in the washing machine. But as much as we don't like our washing machine, we are loving our German dishwasher! Gets everything perfectly clean and no water spots to speak of. Totally impressed.

Today is garbage day, which is what I actually wanted to write about. I should have taken pictures but I'm already writing and don't want to run down to the street. So, Germans are big on recycling. Imagine your 'American' garbage can (the black or green plastic thing you set out by the curb on garbage days) and cut it down in size by about 40%. That's the size of our garbage can. No big deal, right? Well, garbage is only picked up every other week. So that small garbage can of ours has to hold 2 weeks of garbage in it. Which is where recycling comes in. The other weeks are recycling weeks where you take your recyclables (mostly paper and plastics) out and the recycling man picks them up. So if you don't recycle you'll be hurting a little for garbage space because your garbage can lid is 'supposed' to shut all the way. We have become very good at making sure recyclables get washed out and put in recycling!

I'll try and post a few pictures soon! Looking for my camera cord.... It should be in one of these boxes.

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