Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A blustery adventure

Twas a cold winters night and all through the streets....

Tuesday is volleyball night. After a bit we decided that maybe it was a perkins pie night as well. Off we go, headed to perkins. High hopes for banana cream and peanut butter silk pies...

Kylee and Alex were driving ahead of Levi and me. I didn't think Kylee's tire looked quite right. No, it did not. I told Levi the tire looked very low and he agreed. We would tell her it was low when we got to perkins.

It got lower.

Two stop lights later I could hear Kylee's tire making funny noises over the top of dave matthews singing 'so much to say.' I told Levi, he turned off the music and yes indeed we could hear the tire slapping against the pavement. We should call Kylee and tell her.

We started pulling away from the stop light after it turned green. The tire was smoking. Kylee procceded to pull over, realizing something wasn't quite right.

It was indeed flat, as some would say it was 'flat as a pancake.' I might compare it to a smooshed donut.

Levi and Brad came to the rescue. At first there was no spare tire to be found. Then it was located under the van. Then we assumed that there must be a bolt to loosen the tire from the bottom of the van. It must be under the carpet. We ripped up ALL the carpet out of the back of the van to not find a single bolt. The Taxi Man stopped to help us. Mr. Taxi Man found the bolt and got the tire off the bottom of the van.

After a few minutes the tire was fixed, we were saved, life was going to be okay, we could go to perkins.

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