Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, A day of rest

I have forgotten what it is like to not have anything on your agenda. It is nice. It's so nice I'm considering throwing away my agenda book, if I had one that is. I have no where I need to be, no dead lines, no homework or studying to do. It is N-I-C-E. Maybe I won't have a schedule anymore. Live by the seat of my pants, play every day by ear. Now we're talking.

My favorite childhood cat is sitting on the couch with me, she is getting very old. She is a pretty siamese with an attitude problem. She is the queen and you better know it. She even has her specific chair in the house and if you are siting on it, like it or not, she will be in your lap till you move off HER chair. She is quite intelligent and loves attention, but doesn't like to be touched. She is at the ripe old age of 13 I believe. She has permanently moved into the house. Dad cleans the litter box daily and is getting tired of it. So the other day I called him to chat. He asked me if it was time to shoot the cat. EXCUSE me?? You cannot shoot the cat JUST because you don't want to clean her litter pan!! What kind of pet owner ARE you?? (the kind that believe in the saying 'if it costs more than a bullet you know what to do,' we don't believe in taking our farm pets to the vet, pets come and they go). BUT shooting my beloved cat was a little drastic! So here I am protecting my cat from my father. I think she'll be safe till spring when she can move outside again. Maybe she'll work off those pounds she's gained while living in the house this winter.

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