Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite persons

Somedays when you feel really crappy about life and you just need someone to reaffirm you and smile at you and bake you something and not tell you stuff like "it's going to be okay" "it's just part of life" "tomorrow is a new day" "well you did screw up" "you're over-reacting" you turn to one of your favorite persons. For me that person (who won't tell me all thing things I don't need to hear at that moment) is my brother. He has a way of making the worst day okay.
Here we are goofing off over fall break on year. We spent the day bumming around together. :)
This is a picture from our most memorable family trip. Andy was pretending to shoot the elk on the ridge and I was pretending to be horrified. We like pictures like this :)
Here is a picture from that same vacation. We're pretending to be Lewis and Clark at the Lewis and Clark visitors center. As you can see we are reenacting the sighting of this big rock. 

I tried to upload a few other photos but my computer was running slow and I need to get back to class. Andy and I have a lot in common and I (usually) really enjoy his company. As much as we argue over things we make up for it with many fun times together. He will always be my first choice as a vacation buddy (except for Levi). I couldn't have asked for a better brother, he makes me so proud to say I'm his sister. He's in Iowa for college now but he usually texts me a few times a week and tries to make me feel included in his life. 

I really love him. And he's a pretty good cook. :)


  1. you guys are wonderful together :)
    saw a boy in walmart the other night who looked like andy, but of course it wasn't him, and it was disappointing.

  2. If it had been andy it would have been awesome. :)