Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We bought Levi running shoes this weekend. Not just running shoes, sweet running shoes. Bright orange, light weight, running shoes. They're HOTT. So now I want new running shoes (but I don't need them). I've been running more in the last two weeks than I have in the previous 6 months (due to back pain and lack of motivation). Which is good. I feel better, like I have a lighter bounce in my step and more energy. Running is hard for me, I get bored easily, I have asthma, and it's not something that comes naturally to me. So I feel pretty successful.

I've been looking around on-line at different running things that I like. Maybe I'll get a few things, maybe not. I think I'm going to give running a shot. I plan to run a few 5ks this summer and maybe even a 10k at some point. I have to at least try to keep up (in spirit?) with Levi who already has two 1/2 marathons on his list of to-dos before June... Crazy guy! Running will never be my 'thing' but I could learn to like it a little. A few things I've looked at:

These are actually the woman's version of the shoes Levi got :) pretty snazzy,

A decent pair of running shorts, they're much more comfortable than my long mesh shorts,

And a 1/4 zip long sleeve shirt for spring days outside or sun protection.

Also, not to be weird but a better sports bra is on the list (no picture of that). I would like to like running sometime, and maybe I will. I think I could really like trail running! We'll see. For now I'm going to stick with my shoes that work perfectly fine and my shorts that keep my bum covered. Although, window (screen?) shopping is fun :)


  1. AND my sis-in-law got my a RoadID bracelet for christmas which I am super excited to use! Now people will know who I am if I get hit by a car. :)

  2. okay everything on here is fun! i love the yellow shoes and the blue thing is super cute and shorts are short but i bet they are comfy.
    and i agree...trail running is WAY better than track running...i'm itching to get out on the trails.
    and don't get hit by a car...i've done's not all it's cracked up to be. but let's go biking too.
    i'm just a bit excited for summer with you!