Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I realized today I should be looking for summer jobs. That was an odd feeling. Jobs? Huh. I would like to be an organic farmer for the summer, I think. Kinda take the summer off, relax, own my life (haha). I've sent out one resume and didn't hear back from the people. Maybe the postman lost it or ate it. He probably got confused early in the morning and left it somewhere, or dropped it as he was being chased by robbers. Maybe it spontaneously combusted or got shredded by the HR lady (or man).

Who knows. I guess I'll look for a few jobs this weekend to see what's available in the area. Something should look interesting! If not... then I'm not sure what I'll do. We'll see. I need to graduate first anyway. Less than 90 days baby!!!!

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