Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Driving in Wichita Falls TX

I got a new phone so I can't upload pictures as easily but I have taken lots of pictures and I will post them when I figure how to get them from my phone to here. :)

It's been one of those days. I went to bed crabby, woke up crabby, can't figure out how to do my homework, blah, blah, blah. Sigh. Wichita Falls is hard to navigate. Even with a gps. The roads here make NO sense. So today I needed to renew a prescription. I called the dr's office to have it sent to the walmart across the street from me because of course the target (where I usually go for pharmacy needs and could have easily transfered my prescription) here doesn't have a pharmacy... Apparently the pharmacy at walmart phone has been disconnected. So the dr's office calls me back and the lady picks a random cvs pharmacy and I say fine. So I gps the cvs and it's on the other side of town!! WHAT!? So I embark on my 20 min drive across town (only taking one wrong turn). I get there and hand the lady my military id and wait for her to get my info in their database. 10 minutes later she says she needs Levi's SSN which of course I don't know (shame on me)..... So I thanked her and said I'll be back tomorrow...

Then I stopped at Starbucks (I didn't want to make a 20 minute drive for nothing) and decide I should go to the library and finish up some homework and email the prof the question I'm struggling with. While at the library I decide to print off my resume and cover letter for a job opening here. After waiting for an eternity for the slow library computer to get to my email and paying for the print job this is how my resume and cover letter look:

This girl is ready to be done for the day...


  1. :(
    hope tomorrow makes up for today!

  2. oh man!! The hardships of moving!! I tagged you :)