Monday, February 13, 2012

Germany and Texas

We're moving to Germany! We have practically no details yet but they will come sooner or later. I've been doing a fair amount of researching in the past week since we found out. Here are a few things we've discovered. Houses/apartments in Germany rarely have carpet!! This is exciting for me as I'm not a fan of carpet. I'm super excited to buy a cute pair of house shoes to wear in my carpet-less house or apartment. Most houses/apartments come with a balcony or patio/backyard. Can we say cute breakfast area!? I currently have no idea (besides how to get a job in germany. I decided (after an afternoon of frustration) that I'll just wait until we get to Germany to worry about it (there will be access to more resources).

Texas has gotten better. Well, the state hasn't gotten better but my attitude has. I've finally settled into a routine and have begun to like my weeks. Mondays and wednesdays are library/school days, tuesdays are cleaning/organizing/craft days, thursdays I usually go to a friends house to chat and play with her two cute kiddos, and fridays are for errands and then pick up Levi. Obviously there are variations each week but that's the gist of it. The library here is great! 80% of the books I want to read are in the library. And the corner of the library is perfect for doing homework. Lots of math. Every assignment has either been on math or statistics, which I'm really liking.

I've also been catching up on my reading list. Last week I read the book Boundaries in Marriage by Townsend/Cloud (highly recommend). This week I'm reading Born to Run by McDougall.

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