Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend pick me up

 Coffee is my fail-proof beginning/mid/end of week pick me ups. I went on a bit of an iced coffee kick a few months ago and have finally perfected my recipe. It's delicious, and super easy. Sure to brighten any day. Even my husband (a life long coffee lover) frequently asks for MY iced coffee over going to Starbucks :) (he may be a little biased)

So here is my wonderful, tasty, easy, and fairly low calorie iced coffee recipe:

These are our favorite ingredients. This almond milk is 
very tasty and the french roast instant coffee is dark and flavorful
12 oz cup
2-3 teaspoons of instant coffee (or two packets if using single serve)
2ish teaspoons of white sugar
1/8 cup of warm-hot water
Mix until dissolved
Fill cup with desired amount of ice
Fill cup 3/4 full of vanilla almond milk
Top off cup with water (you don't have to do this, you could fill it all the way with almond milk but I think it gets too thick that way.)
Optional: coffee creamer of your choice! (we like to put just a little splash of vanilla coffee creamer in ours)
Mix, enjoy, de-stress, and look super hip on the way to your local library!

**Note** Yesterday I posted this blog from my blogger app on our ipad. I was NOT impressed. I wasn't able to move the pictures where I wanted them to go. Other than the picture part it wasn't terrible. So I deleted it and rewrote this morning. I think I would use it if I wasn't posting pictures, but personally I think pictures are the most fun parts of blogs :)

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