Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excess and moving

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is being a 'minimalist'. I don't want to label it or be legalistic about it. There have been some book suggestions from friends that I'm planning on checking out.

This is something Levi and I have been talking about ever since we packed up our house back in August. We had only been married 13 months and we realized we had waaayyy too much stuff. It probably wouldn't have mattered so much if we weren't moving. But we are moving. And we will likely be moving again in 3 years. And maybe again 3-4 years after that. And maybe 3-4 years after that. You get the idea. Military life. Military life and having a lot of stuff do not go well together. Unless you really don't mind packing and unpacking.

After packing up our entire house in August (and taking numerous bags to good will) we decided the less we have the happier we will be. And we plan on sticking to that plan as well as we can.

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