Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I have a few minutes to rest. There is something so peaceful sitting in the basement of the library next to the large windows that look toward the science building. Being able to spread your belongings all over the table. Computer, winter jacket, backpack, scarf, phone, pens, notebooks, text books, can of almonds. Listening to Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen, and Howie Day.

Watching the snow fall. Watching people hurry from class to class, from science building to home, from study group to lunch, from wherever they were to wherever they are going. Most are bundled up to the max. Some are risking their fingers to text a friend, and some friends walk to class together. David just went by on his road bike, Logan is walking home in his green trench coat, Clifford is wearing a red vest today.

It's kinda chilly next to the big windows, but I don't think I'll move. It's comfortable. It's quiet. Soon I have to go give a presentation on the effects of forest fire on forest ecosystems and a forest's ability to sequester carbon. But I'll enjoy this for a few more minutes.

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