Thursday, December 3, 2009

Study! for the end is near.


That lovely time of year when you sit in the library all day long to cram 14 weeks of information into ten days. Here we go! I have 3 accumulative finals and one final test. But before I get to finals I have three other tests to pass and two presentations to give. Don't professors understand?? How do you fit 7 (SEVEN!) tests and two presentations into ten days!?
It will be ok. Right?

On Sunday I ended up getting the flu. I left church halfway through the service and was so weak I passed out next to my car. Which lead to me smashing my head into the pavement, which lead to blood. My head has finally healed up pretty well. I feel better too. I went into the Dr. on tuesday. He asked me my story four or five times. I kept telling him that I passed out walking to my car after church. He was convinced I had been beaten (I could see it in his skeptical, beady eyes). By the end of the appointment I was ready to say 'Yes, in fact, God smite me down in the parking lot while leaving church. God Himself did this to me!' But I didn't think he would understand. Although I thought it was quite humorous.

Needless to say it has been quite a week. Bring on next week and the week of finals, I'm ready! Or something...

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