Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning!

It's a good morning. And this song is from me to you.

I leave for Belize on Wednesday. I am VERY excited but maybe not as much as I should be. I have papers to write, tests to study for, things to plan, things to do when I get back and it almost seems like more of a chore to take a week off than a vacation.

I'm sure as soon as I get on the plane my attitude will change right away. I like flying. There isn't anything to do except listen to music, read, pray, or chat to the guy next to you. It's peaceful.

I painted my toes pink last night in celebration of wearing sandals without socks to church. It reached 38 degrees yesterday!! You know you're a good minnesotan when it reaches 38 degrees and you decide it's time to stop wearing jackets. Yes, it's almost time for spring. That's such a good feeling.

Summer will be here before we know it. And that is when the real fun will start. Summer evenings are the best. They are perfect for hanging out with friends till late and still being able to get up early for a bike ride. Eating breakfast in the driveway as the sun comes up, and listening to music.

Summer will be good. THIS summer will be great :)

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  1. Good morning! and thanks for the song! 1) i really can't wait to hear about your Belize adventures 2)this summer WILL be great :)