Monday, March 15, 2010

A good vacation

I have been thinking. What is a good vacation? What do I value in a vacation? I have made 5 points that will make any vacation enjoyable (to me).

1) A group of no more that 6 people. A group of people that is very close with and you know that they will always like to do similar things. So if you decide to go hiking either everyone is in or some people decide to do something else. Esentially I just don't want complainers on a trip.

2) I like to do things on vacation. You will not catch me sitting at the campsite or the hotle more than I need to. I like to get out and go hiking, biking, canoeing, you name it. But I do NOT want to sit around.

3) I like vacations where you can continually be active. And when you want to chill there is a cute local resturant or coffee house that you can read at. I like to go to a place that has character.

4) I do not like to feel like I am going somewhere and exploiting the people that actually live there. Having an awesome vacation at their expense isn't my idea of fun.

5) I like mountains WAY better than the ocean. I like the wide open WAY better than a busy town. I like quiet time WAY better than going to a club. I like a campfire WAY better than a fancy resturant. I like to make at least two of my own meals a day and bring my own (camping, climbing, biking, canoeing) gear.

That is what makes a good vacation for me!


  1. Sorry i have a lot of errors in there. This key board is sticky and the internet keeps cutting out in the lovely country of Belize :)

  2. Maybe we should live in CA then? Little bit of both worlds, and we'd never really have to take vacation! :-)