Friday, March 26, 2010

happy friday

Happy friday.

It IS a happy friday (contrary to popular belief). This weekend I get to babysit two of my favorite boys. I also get to have coffee with katy, which I'm pretty excited about (she likes REI scratch and dent sale as much as I do!). I think Levi and I will finish registering for wedding stuff. And I get to see my family from their travels to Florida. My brother (I'm SO proud of him!) made it to state level competition for the AAA award this year, it's awarded on saturday. Sunday I'm looking forward to church and a VERY FUN trip to st. cloud with the bible study gang (minus the much loved and missed Kylee!).

But right now I need to be productive on silly papers and homeworks. I kinda wish college was over. But what a blessing it is to be able to receive a higher education. Many people don't get college, or any schooling for that matter. I like to learn. I like to read. College is a privilege. And it will be over soon enough :)


  1. yay!! so looking forward to this weekend and spending time with you! it IS a happy day :)

  2. ohhhh this makes me homesick and yet happy at the same sounds like a wonderful weekend, al! and way to go andy!!