Thursday, January 27, 2011

The perfect mug

It was early in the morning. Vacation had been going well. Lots of hiking and even more laughing. The food was so-so but we weren't complaining too much. At the end of the day food was food. Burned out by miles of trail and the heat we were just happy there was something. We were headed to grab some food for the days hike this particular morning, the sun had just begun peeking above the vast glassy Lake Superior. And there it was, sitting on the dashboard of a beat up, bumper-stickered, mountain bike carrying Subaru. The worlds most perfect mug. I was instantly in love. I had to see it up close. The shape looked like it perfectly fit into your hand while still giving you a good amount of coffee. The glazes on it were peaceful and beautiful. I wanted to hold it in my hand, to drink out of it's perfect form. The sun was now shining through the windshield of the vehicle, showering glorious rays down on this beautiful vessel.

From that moment on I knew I had to take ceramics class. I had to be able to form that clay in my hand, to make the clay into something almost as perfect as that mug.

And that is precisely what I am doing.


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