Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress and waiting

There has been progress in our house this week. I'm almost done with my senior seminar (tomorrow at 5), Levi continues to lose weight (so proud of him!), my last semester of college has begun and I think I'm going to enjoy it, and the real estate lady came to our house last night!!

I thought the visit with Mrs. Real Estate was slightly discouraging. We have so much to do before it is in sellable condition. But she said that recently a person had a lot to do on their house and the buyers said they would do it instead. So we'll see. I guess if we're supposed to move it'll sell. If it doesn't sell we're still moving so whatever happens, happens.

We have some items packed up but it's not overwhelming. Just a books and odds and ends. It gets hard to wait sometimes. It just seems like so much has to be done but we have to wait and wait and wait to do it.

On a side note: Classes look great this semester! I have ceramics this afternoon and will report back tomorrow how it is and how my senior seminar went!!

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  1. ooo ceramics! :) waiting is hard. praying! love you guys!