Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just thought I would sit down and write for a bit. My head is jam packed with forest fire data, carbon solutions, and fire problems. I thought maybe writing would clear my head a bit.

Tomorrow I turn 21. That's right, 21. I guess I'm pretty excited. Some friends are meeting us at the local wine bar that I've been looking forward to getting to go to for a while. I think I'll probably order a wine. I'm a bit more of a beer person (not that I drink much at all) but you never see a girl turing 21 and ordering beer... At least I don't feel like that happens often. I really would like to order a martini but I probably don't need THAT much alcohol. So maybe another day. I think martinis look classy and sexy.

Next weekend after my senior seminar is finished (45 min presentation in front of students and faculty) my husband and sister-in-law and I are planning to go down to the cities for the evening or weekend. I want to take a tour of the Surly brewery in the cities. I think brewing beer looks like fun. It's edible art that you can't rush. It takes time to perfect. Which means I would probably be a terrible brewer-ist. I'm not very patient. I like things to be fast-paced so I can stay entertained.

Well, now I need to get back to saving the forests and our world.


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  1. Happy early birthday! I say order what you like, the big deal here is that it's your birthday and you'll be having a beverage that the day before you were not allowed to order.

    Relish the day, because the next day...old hat :)