Friday, January 28, 2011

The library

I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the library. I am a huge fan of books. I love holding information in my hand and spending alone time reading. Recently I re-discovered the library. When I was younger my mom took my brother and I to the library every week, sometimes twice a week. Somedays we went dragging our feet but we always had a good time and could easily blow and hour or two digging through books. In high school it started getting harder to find time to make it to the library and read for fun and in college my time has been even more scarce. Over winter break I dusted my library card off and started looking up books again. In no time at all I had books stacked up on the kitchen table, paging through guides on being a better cook, learning to do this, how to fix that, and the occasional guide to (insert fun place here). It's wonderful. Even if you don't love the whole book you can usually pull some idea or inspiration from some part of it. Maybe how to beef up your chili or sew those blinds you've been meaning to put up. There are books on every interest and hobby, there are murder mysteries and good old westerns, children's books and books in large print. You want it, they've got it (or can order it from somewhere). I encourage you to pull your library card out of your wallet and go use it!!