Sunday, November 20, 2011

And we're back!

I've made it to Biloxi! The drive was looonnngggg and very interesting. Day one was short, day two was very long and at the end of the day as I was exiting to find a hotel the Jeep started acting up! So the next morning I took it to the Jeep dealer. EESH! Service in the south has been terrible! I sat at the dealership for 3 hours before they even came and talked to me!! After almost 5 hours of waiting the Jeep was fixed and I was back on the road. So three days on the road.

I pulled in to Biloxi at 4, got my apartment, moved in, showered, and headed to base to see Levi! The weekend has been great! I'm cleaning my apartment and settling in now. Tomorrow we are picking up a bed and hopefully a small table!

I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! Not only does Levi have a 4 day weekend (yay!!) but we'll also be eating pecan pie and other festive foods! And I'll be with my husband which makes me VERY happy. :) (have I mentioned how THANKFUL I am for him??)

Here are a few pictures! I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow!
This is the beach that is just across the road from my apartment!
The long white fence is Jefferson Davis' house. He's about two blocks from me, we're practically neighbors!
This is the pier that is just across the street and down a little from my apartment.

And Levi got a hair cut today! 

And I thought I'd include the next two books that are on my reading list!

Tomatoland            and        From the Bottom Up

Off to do some crafting now, and kill some cockroaches I think (ish...)


  1. You moved to Biloxi?! Thats 45 min from where I live :) Give me a holler if you ever head over towards Mobile! Oh and if you are confused about any of the southern ways, I can help with that too :)

  2. No way!! I would LOVE to see you! The south has been super confusing... I think I'm picking up on it? Looking forward to eating seafood!