Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yesterday was my first 'real' day here. Levi had class all day and I was left to entertain myself! I went for a run along the beach on the boardwalk, worked on settling into my apartment more, and went and had coffee with an Air Force wife from Alexandria that was down here for her husbands graduation! It was super fun and I was glad to hear she felt the same as I did about many things (water moccasins, bugs, the bx, etc...) it was VERY fun. 

After that I went and bought a shower curtain at the bx all on my own!! Now, for those that don't know what the bx is, it's kinda like walmart. It has everything you would need (except apparently a cheap plastic mixing bowl.... grrrr) and is on base. Now for those who wonder why it's a big deal that I bought a shower curtain all on my own: on base... it feels like you're going to get yelled at. So I have these horrible thoughts that I'm going to get to the check out and the lady is going to grab all my items yell at me and throw them on the ground... So I'm taking my time at the bx, walking slow, pretending I need sheets, towels, coffee makers, anything to delay getting to the checkout. Finally I get the the checkout. The lady says hello, asks to see my id, swipes my card, and tells me to have a good day. What?? Seriously? It was that easy? I hurry out of the bx incase she changes her mind and comes after me. Then I went to the library!

The library was really nice. Very quiet. I thought I would include a pic of my apt too. I hope no one super creepy decides to show up here because I posted a picture... I'll take the chance.

Yay, there it is! What have I been doing in my spare time you may ask?
Working on my crochet!! It's coming along. I'm not super good yet but hopefully soon I'll be good enough to crochet whatever I want. I found a table on craigslist this afternoon for 30$ that looked like it was in really good shape. Hopefully we can pick it up tonight and I can get out my sewing too! Boredom, they say, is for people who have no imagination or creativity. So true. Well, I'm off to find the public library (they're supposed to have book club there on wednesdays...) and hit up the commissary (on-base grocery store) for pecan pie items (and maybe chocolate chip cookie items too!)


  1. oh it sounds like you had a great first day and kept busy!! yay for not getting yelled at and for running on the beach =) miss you!