Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dallas and the weekend

We had a fabulous weekend! We went to Dallas on Saturday for a little day trip. We first stopped at REI and Levi got himself a pair of vibram five-finger shoes. We then went to Chipotle and the Zoo! We really like going to the zoo. Generally it's pretty cheap and hours of entertainment. It was raining so we only really got to see the reptile house. We also saw the otters and the tiger. After getting down-poured on on the way back to the Jeep we decided to swing past Whole Foods Market. We had a fun time walking the rows of food. Who knew food was so interesting?

Sunday I had a sad morning thinking of everyone I was going to miss once we moved... We bummed around town and then went to petsmart. Sometimes we'll go to petsmart to visit the cats up for adoption. There was a cute cat that looked just like Harriet! We felt very sad. One thing turned into another and I had complied what felt like an enormous list of things I missed about our home. Anny, Harriet, our coffee pot, the bamboo floors, waking up in Kensington on saturday morning and making coffee, letting Anny out, and making breakfast in my kitchen that had everything I needed.

Bonus! It was a three day weekend! Always nice to have an extra day to relax and hang out.

Running report: taking an easy week, mostly just going to the gym. Healing a few injuries. Looking into more minimalist running. I'm not sure if my feet will handle it but I'd like to give it a shot.

Reading report: Still reading Born to Run, busy week last week and didn't get it finished.

Also, I've been watching Downton Abbey. So. Good. I highly recommend it! But really, has PBS ever let us down? We also started watch Prison Break on Netflix. I like it but some parts are a little scary!

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