Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun Weekend

 Ever have a day where you want to run away? Start the week over? Find the deepest darkest hole and hide? Feel like the biggest schmuck in the world?

Yup, happy monday to me.

Saturday was a WONDERFUL day. We went to check out the adoptable cats at petsmart, and said hi to the cat that looked like Harriet. Then Levi took me out for chips and salsa at Qudoba! I thought that was a fun treat and he said he had two surprises for me!! What? Me? Really?? The first surprise was getting to go see Act of Valor at the movies! We even got a snack to share :) Act of Valor was really good but I have to say parts were a little hard to watch without feeling choked up. After the movie we stopped for a second treat! Levi took me to the cutest place to get a glass of wine and a cupcake! What a great husband :)

I also got the book I won on Saturday! There are so many fun projects in here, I can't wait to get stared!

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