Friday, March 18, 2011

Cutting comments

Yesterday evening Levi told me that a man (we're not naming names) commented on his facebook status saying something about how he didn't feel like Levi should be serving our country with some of the things Levi 'bemoans' about on facebook. This man deleted the comment so it's not on Levi's status anymore, but I was a bit offended by this... To me it was a cutting comment. I'm proud of Levi for wanting to serve our country. There will probably be challenging things for us and him in the near future so a little support and encouragement would be nice, not rude comments. Also, I'm not sure how facebook statuses predict how you will serve your country...??

The man did delete the comment, but I'm still slightly offended. I guess it just goes to show that you should be careful with your words. Even the simplest sarcastic remark can be hurtful to someone. The world tends to tear people down enough, we don't have to add to that.

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  1. rude. i am very very proud of both of you. love to the moon and back.