Friday, March 25, 2011

Pets (Pests?)

Ugh! This is one of those weeks where you wonder why the heck you ever got those stinking pets in the first place. Anny runs away, we can't find her till the next morning, both Anny and Harriet are shedding EVERYWHERE, Anny tipped over the entire garbage and dug it all out, and then to top it off yesterday Harriet dug up my basil, tomato, and pepper seeds AND decided to jump in my box of potted lettuce. SO MAD. There are now four deep depressions in my box of little seeded lettuce. I'm getting over it. Although Levi wasn't very sympathetic (he likes the cat for some reason).

But then there are mornings like this morning where Anny will be so sweet and just sit by my feet as I make coffee and look at me with those big brown eyes. Sigh, then I'm just not so mad anymore. Harriet on the other hand... I honestly don't think there is anything sweet about her. But Levi loves her, which is sweet. A boy and Huh. :)

I'll post pictures of how my lettuces are doing soon!

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