Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some days

Some days I feel a little irritated. For those of you who aren't in this position it may sound weird or petty. Now first off, understand I love my college, I love what I'm doing, and I enjoy going to work. It's has nothing to do with that. Although, sometimes I blame my frustration on those things.

I get frustrated driving in the opposite direction from Levi every morning. It's not that I'm clingy and have to be with him or near him all the time. It's that I can't go to the gym with him in the morning, I can't text him and catch lunch with him somedays, we can't spontaneously decide to go out for dinner at a fun restaurant in town after a long day at work.

I feel like our spontaneity is reduced down to what's for dinner that night (which has now been planned out the week before so we can't even count that), if we get dessert, or if we get to watch a movie or play a game that night.

Maybe that's just part of life. Maybe someday it'll be different. For now it's just irritating.

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  1. :( i think it's totally fair to be frustrated! just think, after this year you'll have more freedom together!! whoot!