Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The joy of counting calories

I love counting my calories. Not in a super obsessive way, more of a 'wow, look how I can change my diet' way. I've been counting calories for 3 days now. Not one day have I been over, or even close to being over. I was under my limit by almost 300 calories last night (and that's the closest I've come to hitting the limit). I even had Ben & Jerry's last night. So today I 'beefed' up my lunch a little and added pistachios and a cup of grapes. :)

This weekend Levi spotted these little applesauce packets in walmart and got me some to put in my lunch box (he knows how much I love my applesauce). Anyway, they're called gogo squeeze or something weird and awkward like that... and they are 110% delicious. I got the apple cinnamon ones, yum. Who would have know how delicious applesauce could be out of a squeezable packet? It makes me excited to make my own this summer! There is almost nothing better than hot homemade applesauce over ice cream.

On a side note. Gas prices?? Woah... Ridiculous! So we've decided to cut down on our trips to town and other odd places during the week a bit. So friday instead of going somewhere I'll be cooking chicken keivs (real ones, not the frozen type) and possibly a german apple cake.

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