Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break! and stuff

I am LOVING spring break. I've been a cute house wife, made dinner, seen my parents, worked out with my wonderful husband in the mornings, cleaned the house, played with the dog, crocheted. It's been great. I've started working on some planting ideas recently and am pretty excited for spring! Which, by the way, seems to be on our doorsteps! I'm glad it's warming up here in the tundra. It's quite a relief. And spring fever is setting in!

I need to start my homework for next week soon but I just can't bring myself to do it... I will do it, probably today, but I'm losing motivation... I'm sure as soon as I get to school on Monday I'll be fine but right now it just seems overwhelming. But in May I'll be done done done! Then I'll take spanish classes and plant plants and learn new recipes and have fun. And probably get a job. :) I feel blessed to be graduating debt free. I couldn't imagine having to pay loans as soon as I got done this semester. A classmate mentioned she would be paying off her loans for the next 6 years... SIX YEARS?? My goodness.

 Levi's papers got processed this week for the Air Force! He is so excited. Looks like he just has to lose his last 3 pounds and then go up to Fargo for his physical and ASVAB. I've never seen him so excited to do something and so determined to do it. He even stopped eating pizza to lose his weight. WOW. I'm excited about it too. I think being somewhere new will be fun. As long as we don't end up in Minot or the Southwest. But! I will try to be content where ever we end up. Hopefully we will be stationed somewhere by Christmas.

Anny ate a Netflix DVD this week... Sometimes we wonder why we ever got a dog. I love her, I really do. But there are times that I'd like to give her to someone else. I think Harriet knocked a bunch of stuff off the counter and the DVD was in the stack of things. Anny also ate some mail and ripped the binding out of my favorite cookbook. Between the two I'm not sure who I was more irritated at.

So many things to do, so little time. I think that means I should start homework. :)

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