Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am thankful that we can make ends meet.

I was reminded on my drive into school today that there are families that can't make ends meet. Winter is coming and they won't be able to afford to heat their house. They can't afford to go out to eat at a nice restaurant when they choose. They can't afford to buy nice shoes or an extra pair of jeans.

I'm not saying this to brag that we have money (because we don't... believe me), but all too often I forget that we aren't lacking any essentials. We have a house that we can afford to heat, we have food in our fridge, we have hot water, we have cars that run, and we have enough clothes. We aren't in need of anything that is essential to our life. It's all too easy to come home and point out that the house isn't finished, there isn't enough cupboard space, the bathroom is small, the bedroom door doesn't close all the way, and we don't have any trim up. But NONE of those are critical to our well being.

We are blessed!

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