Monday, November 8, 2010

The weekend

AWESOME weekend! That's a good way to sum it all up.

Katy and I went down to REI for a scratch and dent sale. We spent the night sleeping peacefully in our tent under the glowing REI sign, dreaming of what we would buy in the morning... Actually, we spent a very frigid night on a cold slab of cement that was uncomfortable and then got up at 5am to seek refuge in a nearby Einstein's bagels. But is was an adventure!! I got a CUTE dress, a hoody, a mug, a headlamp, and Levi a new pair of shoes. Success!

That evening I got to meet up with a very dear friend that I have not seen in forever! We sat at caribou for a  while and chatted. I was so happy to see her :)

Sunday we were able to go to the vikings game (SKOL!) which needless to say was SO EXCITING! And I got to sit by my sister-in-law which made it that much better :) We had quite an adventure on the way home as the car broke down... It was a fun time of family bonding and joking AFTER we were safely in a different car :)

And because I missed my thankfulness posts for the weekend
#6- I'm thankful for a reliable car!
#7- I'm thankful for good friends to spend crazy adventures with :)

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  1. i love you. and i want to see this dress sometime!