Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankfulness 11 & 12

I'm thankful for my mother and my father. I could have made this one thankfulness and called it parents but I am thankful for each individually as well as together.

My mother: I'm so thankful for her and how she has shaped my life and view of the world. Her encouragement and expectations always pushed me to do my best and settle for nothing less. She instilled in me a drive for results and goals. She taught me how important it is to always put people first. Her emphasis on honesty, integrity, and character has shown me just how important those traits are. I appreciate everything she has done for me and everything she has taught me. I really couldn't have had a better mother.

My dad: What a guy. My dad is always asking questions. I think this is where I get my inquisitive mind. He is constantly looking for ways to do things better. One example I remember is when we were looking through a farm catalog at new tools that were out for farmers. We came across a self-feeder for calves. My dad really liked it but wasn't going to spend whatever amount it was selling for. So he went out and made one. He is an excellent problem solver and trouble-shooter. And he is hilarious. I have never met someone I find as funny as my dad. We have similar senses of humor which may account for some of it but he is also genuinely funny. My dad always let me do chores with him when I was younger. Which I loved to do. We would go 'out back' to the cattle pasture and he would let me count cows (to make sure we weren't missing any). He would have me count them by 1s then 2s then 5s and sometimes even by 3s. And being my dad was a farmer he was at home all day. So every morning he would wake me up before school and make me breakfast. Every. Morning. I had my choice of pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, or malt-o-meal. It was wonderful.

I'm so very grateful for my parents. Most importantly I'm thankful that they love the Lord and have been an example for me throughout my life.

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  1. :) i love your parents. they are awesome people!!