Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Holidays

I'm getting excited for the holidays... REALLY excited. I made my Christmas list already on Amazon! And currently I'm sitting listening to The Messiah on my computer.

I love listening to The Messiah. Most the scripture that is quoted in it is taken out of Isaiah, my favorite book of the Bible. (I even have a scripture from Isaiah tattooed on my foot. If I ever had a son I would consider naming him Isaiah but the problem is I have Isaiah tattooed on my foot. Which would mean I would have to get all my other kids names tattooed on me and that's not really my thing...) Anyway, when I was younger during Christmas and Easter my dad would have The Messiah playing non-stop on his record player down stairs. It was always family tradition to have The Messiah on in the background throughout the whole season. The Messiah consists of three parts: The Annunciation (baby Jesus), The Passion (Easter), and The Aftermath (when he comes again) with scripture being pulled mostly out of Isaiah, Matthew, and Luke. Needless to say, I have almost all 43 songs memorized. There are a few that have no words but I can still hum the tune! When I was pretty young I would sing the line 'All we like sheep' as 'go feed my sheep' while my brother sang 'the wee black sheep.' (My dad liked my version the best haha) Nobody ever complained when The Messiah was turned on in our house.

So sitting in the library now listening to my favorites has me all excited for food, Christmas cards, presents, time with family, and sipping hot cocoa on chilly nights.

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